Landscape Architecture and Design Services

Urban Associates, Inc. tailors its scope of service for each project to meet the individual needs of each client in South Florida, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties as well as in all of the New England States, nationally and internationally in Italy and India. We offer our clients and team associates over 40 years of professional experience in the design field, process and methodologies.

We believe that when preparing a site plan low impact development stormwater management design solutions need to be considered at the beginning of the design process and not at the end as currently practiced by other design firms. We also believe that the site design needs to be in harmony with the existing natural and man-made on site conditions while at the same time maximizing the density and usable square footage for our clients.

With each and every client we take the time to evaluate site conditions, regulations, program needs and construction costs before we start our conceptual planning. Serving as the team leader with a collaborative approach, we have been able to achieve award winning designs with substantial construction cost savings and life cycle cost savings for our clients.

We believe the architecture, hardscape and landscape need to be of lasting and unique beauty that will withstand the test of time.

Learn more about our scope of service as listed below.

Site Planning and Approvals

  • Master Planning
  • Site and Landscape Statistics for Code Compliance
  • Subdivision – PUD Layouts
  • Custom Homes
  • Parks, Athletic Fields, & Playgrounds
  • Swimming Pool & Custom Fountains
  • Resort Developments
  • Golf Course, Clubhouse, Putting Green, Pitch & Chip & Driving Range
  • Tennis Centers
  • Equestrian Centers
  • Marinas
  • Bike & Pedestrian Trails
  • Equestrian Trails
  • Urban Entertainment Centers
  • Shopping Centers
  • School & College Campuses
  • Outdoor Classrooms
  • Industrial Parks
  • Downtown Redevelopments

Landscape Architecture

  • Tree Survey, Mitigation Plans, & ERM Tree Removal Permits
  • Planting Plans
  • Custom Homes & Estate
  • Garden Design & Garden
  • Structures
  • Fountains, Waterfalls, & Swimming Pools
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Water Efficient Landscapes
  • Littoral Planting Design
  • Streetscapes, Green Streets & Downtown Redevelopments
  • Sign and Community Entrance Design & Renovations

LEED and Low Impact Developments

  • Protect & Restore Habitat
  • Maximize Open Space
  • Stormwater Design Quality & Quantity Control
  • Heat Island Effect- Roof and Non-Roof
  • Water Efficient Landscape
  • Innovative Site Design

Water Efficient Irrigation Design

  • Water use permits
  • Low Water Use Irrigation System Design
  • Rainwater Harvesting Design & Water Budgets
  • Cistern Size and Design

Site Lighting Photometric Plans

  • Foot Candle Distribution
  • Light Trespass Evaluation
  • Foot Candle Readings & Certification

Stormwater Managment Design & Permits

  • Paving Grading and Drainage Plans & Details
  • SWPPP Plans and Inspections
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Stormwater Calculations and Certification
  • Environmental Resource Permits & Certification

Low Impact Development Design

  • Permeable Pavements & Storage Reservoirs
  • Bio-swales
  • Rain Gardens
  • Green Roofs
  • Green Walls & Trellises
  • Ecoart

Construction Observation Services

  • Construction Details & Specifications
  • Construction Quantities and Cost Estimates
  • Bidding & Evaluations
  • Shop Drawing, Sample & Change Order Review
  • Review & Certify Completed Construction

Art in Public Places

Leo Urban is Pre-Approved as a Public Artist in the City of Boynton Beach


Advanced courses offered by Urban Associates,Inc. in stormwater Management design, ERP Permit Approval Process, LID, Green Roof/Green Wall Design & Living    Architecture.

In House Specialty Equipment and Programs

  • Leica Laser “Total Station” Survey Equipment
  • Double Ring Infiltrometer for Testing Soil Infiltration Rates
  • Icpr Stormwater Management Modeling Program
  • AGI32 Lighting Analysts Illumination Software
  • Google SketchUp Professional for 3-D Site Modeling
  • AutoCAD and Land F/X Landscape & Irrigation
  • Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft Office Professional
  • Pinnacle Studio Movie Maker